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Welcome to our private classes for the digital skills & careers of the future.

🏃 Take the first step to your dream career with flexible part-time hours
and your very own StartSteps teacher by your side. 👩‍💻

Code : Mentor

A complete introduction to coding & web development, or a boost in knowledge if you have previous experience.
Learn the fundamentals before deciding with your trainer which coding languages you want to focus on & learn.

Online Marketing : Mentor

Launch your career in online marketing. Build job-ready skills & credentials from running social media platforms to creating & managing advertising campaigns.

UI/UX : Mentor

Get started in the fast-growing field of user experience (UX) &/or user interface (UI) design. Learn the foundations of UX/UI & start building your portfolio.

Data : Mentor

Get started in the growing field of data. Learn job-ready skills that are in demand like how to analyse & process data to gain key business insights.

IT : Mentor

Get on the fast track to finding an in-demand job in IT. Learn the foundations of networking & operating systems or how to solve problems using code.

Project Management : Mentor

Discover what it takes to build a successful career in project management and gain an understanding of what it’s like to be a project manager.

Cloud Computing : Mentor

Explore the world of cloud computing and learn how to build a successful career in this rapidly growing field.

CyberSecurity : Mentor

Get a comprehensive introduction to the world of cybersecurity and learn what it takes to pursue a successful career in this exciting field.

App Development : Mentor

Dive deep into the realm of app development, tailored to your learning pace. Master the skills and nuances of creating seamless applications, setting the foundation for a prosperous career in app design and development. Choose between iOS or Android.

Community & Tools for life

⏰  This part-time course is just the first step of your digital journey, and it’s flexible enough that you can squeeze it into whatever schedule you currently have.

📍 Get a taste for the career of your choice – with a customised learning program that allows you to start at any level of previous experience.

One-On-One Training

With a private mentor, you get full support & advice through the classes & a recommendation to the best training bootcamp to continue your path towards future studies — and beyond.

Personally Curated

Every part of your curriculum is developed by your trainer. We tailor your 35 hours of live lessons to you! None of our Tech:Mentor courses require previous experience so you can start from any level & define with your trainer where you would like to go.

Tech Perks & Benefits

Numerous perks & discounts thanks to our partners within the tech network. Keep an eye out for special invitations to events and other programs too!

Online Community

StartSteps is just one part of a collaborative digital ecosystem! Whether you need tips and advice from digital professionals, access to exclusive jobs and freelance opportunities, or support for your own project ideas – we know who to work with.

Tech:Mentor First Steps
(35 hours of one-on-one training)

How does it work?

🕶️ Our Tech:Mentor classes centre on live private 1:1 classes with hand-picked tutors from Germany.

👾 From Beginner to Advanced – learning with your own teacher means you can start from any level.

Meet your teacher
for One-on-One Lessons

With an introduction to your teacher, you two can decide on the class hours for each week & discover the tools & technologies that you will be using throughout the course.

Classes Begin
with a Personalised Curriculum

Get the expert support you need to achieve your goals. With Tech:Mentor you shape & define your curriculum at the start – before your regular live video classes begin.

35 Hours
of Private Classes

Ask as many questions as you want, and make sure you really understand core concepts before advancing through the curriculum content. Practical & theoretical exercises will keep you busy, with a tutor who is dedicated to your success.

Fast track
to further training & in-demand jobs

We map out all the fully-funded specialised training options that exist in Germany for your next steps. Or you may even be ready for some junior positions – so we also go through a range of important soft skills e.g. being resourceful, project management, online and team communication.

From our course, into programs with leading career bootcamps.

After a Tech:Mentor course we help place you within the course of your choice, with the best career bootcamp to specialise your studies.
We want you to learn the skill you love, at the academy best for you! We work with 45+ tech career bootcamps in Germany.

Take your first step

With a collective effort, we want to help you acquire new skills; ready to re-enter the workforce of the future with a strong foundation that will last you lifetime.

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* This program is currently only for candidates registered as unemployed at the JobCenter/Agentur für Arbeit.*

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Ready to Begin!

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Further Details & Requirements

About this course
Online (Live Class)
Teaching Mode
English or German
35 Hours
What we require of you
Any level
Computer skills & literacy
Registered at
JobCenter or Agentur für Arbeit